Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why to rent a photo booth in Portland, OR

Is it your wedding? Then why don’t you use a photo booth to catch those precious moments? Some of the best possible professional Portland photo booth rental services are available easily at the click of button over the World Wide Web. The whole concept of a rental photo booth for any occasion in your life is very simple. A professional photo booth service provider will haul out the booth to the venue of your event and use very simple equipment to install the booth. The booth will be very similar to our public call booths in size and the space that it will occupy. All that is required is a regular power outlet to set the whole thing going. No fancy electronic connections or cables running all over the venue for you or your guests to trip on!

The Portland photo booth rental service providers offer one of the best options of recording the solemn and joyous occasion that the wedding is. Using their services you could give your wedding guests memories that they would remember for a life time! Besides if you hire these professional photo booth rentals for the wedding, they could double up as your official wedding photographers and that would meaning a big saving on the wedding costs.

Then once the venue is fixed, the wedding planner could sound out the photo booth rental service provider to visit the venue. Together you could coordinate to find the best possible location for the installation of the booth with the most important necessity being the power plug-in point. Then on your big day the Portland photo booth rental would begin to work its charm on the occasion. After solemnizing the occasion the guests would hop in, strike a pose in their beautiful dress and press a button. In under a minute the photo booth will take the shot and then print out the strip in your choice of color or the vintage Black and White. Sounds like so much fun! The guests will share those moments of joy and happiness of your wedding along with the fun they had at the occasion. The strip that is printed can also carry your customized message under the photo. You could print a personal message, almost like a thank you message for the guest, who is sharing your life’s precious moments with you.

The Portland photo booth rental would save a copy of all those images for you to view with pleasure after the wedding. Indeed a photo booth rental would be the best way to rev up your wedding day!


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